What people say about my work

Since working with Kirsty I am a different person. I have more clarity, I am calmer and closer to my business goals more than ever before. I don’t even recognise myself. Kirsty is an EXCELLENT coach.

Leslie Gilmour

Just finished Confidence Coaching with Kirsty Hulse and honestly I cannot recommend her enough! I’m someone who really suffers with imposter syndrome and being incredibly hard on myself and I feel so empowered and motivated. If you are someone who is struggling with something similar, then please do reach out to Kirsty, you won’t regret it!

Fiona Grace

Kirsty’s approach to coaching is out of this world. She manages to create a safe space whilst also continuously pushing and developing people. My confidence is soaring and I am feeling so empowered.
Marijana Kay

I can’t even begin to express how lucky I am to have worked with Kirsty. By far the best coach I have ever worked with and I wish I had a miniature version of her on my shoulder forever. Do yourself a favour and hire Kirsty if you want impact in your career.

Lina Mamut