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I radically transform how we

collaborate, create and thrive

Kirsty Hulse is an she is an organisational expert, revolutionising company cultures  and empowering individuals to create engaged, profitable teams

A bit about my experience

I founded my first company Manyminds at 26, a marketing agency with global clients like Virgin Atlantic and IBM which turned over nearly a million dollars in its first year of trading. In 2 years, I scaled the business to a team of over 50 independent, remote staff, disrupting a traditional landscape. The founder of Roar! Training, I’m a highly qualified coach. My training has been described as “game changing”, “life changing” and from the thousands of people I’ve worked with, 100% of attendees would recommend my work to a colleague. 

I also wrote a bestselling book and am a standup comic, having performed a show at the 2017 Edinburgh Fringe I bring a passion for humour into my work.

I’m an in demand speaker

I deliver consistently highly rated, entertaining and informative keynotes at industry leading conferences all over the world. My evidence-based talks on creativity, leadership, confidence and corperate culture delight and uplift audiences.

I deliver “life changing” training

My workshops have been described as “game changing”, “life changing” and 100% of attendees would recommend them to a colleague. At Roar! Training, we deliver workshops to transform how businesses and individuals create, collaberate and communicate.

Life changing coaching

I work with executives and business owners to transform their careers. Empowering people to clearly define their ambitions and dreams, step into their power, understand their potential and achieve their goals with “renwed confidence and vigour”.  

Kirsty’s approach to teaching, inspiring and coaching is out of this world.

Marijana Kay

Freelance, writer

Kirsty is one of our regular top rated speakers and her sessions easily the most attended.

Charlie Harris

Organiser, SearchLeeds

A fantastic speaker, we’ve invited her to our conferences multiple times. Audiences love her insights and energy.
Will Crithlow

CEO, SearchPilot

My work has been featured in…

The Future is Freelance

Books by Kirsty Hulse

If there is one thing that I claim to have in common with Winston Churchill, Frida Kahlo and Isaac Newton, it is that I do my best work in bed. This five star reviewed book is perfect for business owners, freelancers or anyone wanting to work for themselves and take control of their working life.

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